Deadlands: Troubleshooters

Session Three: Ticket to ride

Ticket to ride

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While everyone else is recovering from the nights ordeal Amelia writes her account of the events that transpired, throwing in a few changes for good measure. After a few hours Amelia's article is complete and ready to be submitted to her publisher. Wasting no time Amelia heads downstairs to ask the barman if he could insure that her manuscript is sent by pony express back to Boston. Still half asleep the man fetches a young scrawny lad named Timmy from the back room and asks him to run it over to the pony express office in town. Timmy receives a shiny coin for his services and quickly scurries off to deliver the article. With the matter settled and dawn rapidly approaching Amelia retires to her room to get some sleep.

The following morning each member of the group awoke and headed down to the bar to get some breakfast as well as to meet with Marshal. Louis heads off early to retrieve Bartram from the sheriff's office, and brings him back to the Bar.  Once everyone had gathered Marshal went over his plan going forward, The aim being that everyone accompanies him to Dallas to meet with his superiors regarding what happened in Lubbock as well as their roles in it. Marshal also made sure to ask the reporter to inform him of any articles regarding the incident she writes and allow him to read it over, unaware she had already sent one for publishing. Marshal also offers everyone a train ticket to Dallas, at his own expense to expedite proceeding. Cezer is hesitant to leave his horse stabled in Lubbock and instead decides to ride to Dallas and meet the rest of the group a few days later. 

The rest of the group head to the town's stable/ranch and pay a $5 stabling fee for the week, as Marshal said he would be able to send someone to collect the horses and take them to Dallas. Jefferiah decides his old trusty donkey is not worth the $5 stabling fee, and so attempts to sell his "Amazing talking donkey" to passing yokels on the towns high street. Luckily one such passing yokel buys Jeff's donkeyshit story and is quite eager to buy his magical mule. He asks why Jeff would be selling such a fantastic ass, and he manages to convince the man his donkey had betrayed his trust and slept with his wife. Seemingly undeterred by the ass's adultery, Jeff finds himself $150 richer.

In preparation for the journey ahead most of the group head to the towns general store to gather supplies. Cezer purchases feed, food and water for the road to Dallas, Jeff buys 4 liters of rat poison, Randy purchases some medical supplies, John buys a few cigars and Hvshi gets some ink, thread and a needle as she plans to tattoo herself. Amelia heads to a cafe near the train station and buys some low quality coffee, the reporter kicks up a fuss about how shit it is and receives some cake as a bribe. Before Cezer leaves on his travel he sees the rest of the group off, Cezer bestowing upon him some "go juice" (rat poison) to keep his spirits lifted on the road before the lawman sets off. 

Everyone makes sure to arrive at the station before the train arrives at noon and spend a small while twiddling their thumbs before the train pulls into the station. The worlds "Skyline Steamer" are written big large silver letters on the side of the train's engine. The group board without any trouble showing their tickets to the conductor, Mr Crocker. Amelia heads to one of the passenger cars and spots Denise Merritt, a fellow reporter and rival from the Boston Times. Amelia deliberately bumps into her on the way past, and the two then openly express disdain for each other before Amelia ends the brief exchange with the words "If you try to steal any scoop from me I will claw your eyes out". The reporter then daintily takes a seat in the car as far from Denise as possible.

The rest of the posse head to the sleeper car. Hvshi plans to begin her tattooing whereas Louis, Marshal and John will take shifts keeping an eye on Bartram. Randy decided to tend to Jeremy the Preacher as he was looking understandably ill. John sits next to a nervous looking man who introduces himself as Allan. He explains its his first time riding a train and that he is an escort for an expensive art piece being transported to Dallas. John does not believe him for a moment and decides to sit with Allan for a little while.

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