Cezer Ramos Tabesco

A Mexican Sherrif


Tall and Latino, with a moustache and goatee. Cezer is dressed just like a sheriff should be.


Born in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, Cezer was the second son of a rancher. His father, being a very rich man, arranged for him to become a police officer, and eventually Sheriff of Jiménez municipality. During this time he married Celia Fuenta.
A year before the story begins, Cezer arrested Jakob Woljick, a polish migrant to the CSA who was a cross border serial killer in the employ of the robber baron Hector Hameniz (it was his job to murder homesteaders, most Latino or Mexican immigrants, in order to buy their land cheaply). However soon after his arrest Hector put up his bail and got him out of jail. Shortly afterwards Jakob murdered Celia and bated Cezer to follow him into the desert, where upon he nearly killed Cezer. Left for dead, Cezer only survived thanks to his horse waking him up in time to shoot a cougar before it could eat him.
Hearing about the sheriff’s survival both Jakob and Hector fled back to the CSA. Knowing they went north, the Federal Government gave Cezer clearance to enter Mexico to arrest/execute the two. Knowing they are in Texas somewhere, Cezer began his hunt in Lubbock, where he met his friend Louis who had worked with him before to hunt down criminals.

Cezer Ramos Tabesco

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