Amelia Aherne

Plucky female reporter


Reasonably tall, slim, pale skinned and possessing a demure look.
She has fine locks of chesnut and striking green eyes.


Growing up on the east coast, in Pennsylvania, she has always been fascinated by the world and its events. She possesses an enquiring mind and likes to get to the bottom of things using her feminine wiles, charm and a good dose of wit.

Following her studies at Yale she decided that she did not want to be a lady of leisure nor married off to some idiot, so she opted, quite unusually for the times, to take up a career as a professional reporter and managed to secure a job with the Arkham Advertiser where she now often goes on forays to report the development of the continuing and long-drawn out civil war. She has also heard strange whispers of the occult and is desperate to learn what is behind such tales.

Amelia Aherne

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